Diversity, Equity…Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

They're not just buzzwords

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 12/31/2021
  • Find Talent

Hiring for diversity is no longer be a trend but a way of life. More and more, companies are implementing processes to assure more inclusive hiring practices and it’s about time! Diversity in the workplace boosts business, increases productivity and inspires happier employees overall. DEI hiring leads to more innovation, creativity and wider skillsets within the company, which lead directly to increased revenue. However, diversifying workforces is no easy task. There are often systemic and institutional challenges to overcome as well as an executive disconnect at the top of many corporations. This is not the case with Spectrum Recruiting Solutions and Tina Hazlett, who began the company with the idea of shaking up traditionally homogenous work environments within manufacturing, engineering, science and technology. So, how is Spectrum different? She’s glad you asked:

“On every single search we launch, our team is expected and trusted to put forth every effort and use each resource and tool we have to locate qualified, diverse candidates. As if their passion wasn’t enough, our recruiting teams are financially incentivized to engage and introduce opportunities to a diverse candidate pool. When we recruit and present such talent right out of the gate, our placement success rate is higher and we start building more diverse teams. Over the past year, more than a third of people we placed are what we consider DEI candidates. This is our mission, our vision, it’s why we do what we do and we can help you do it too!”

As times change, trends become standards and companies must adopt new strategies to adapt to new situations. We have all seen ‘sink or swim’ in action more than we’d like in recent years. Many individuals and organizations have been happy to get by treading water. Spectrum Recruiting Solutions is here to help you not only swim, but wriggle up onto shore, grow some legs and truly start to evolve.

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