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New Jobs Newsletter 12.07.22

How to Handle the Holiday Hiring Freeze

How to Handle the Holiday Hiring Freeze

  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 12/07/2022
  • Recruiting News

The holiday hiring freeze is upon us. The time of year when hiring managers who ‘really wanted to get someone in place before January’ suddenly seize up in the cold weather. Like animatronic snowmen in a storefront window, they can barely make a move. Their batteries are exhausted from Q4 budget meetings and they get stuck in a loop of, “Keep them warm, keep them warm, keep them warm…” We started sending out hats, scarves, and mittens to candidates because we tried everything else we could think of to ‘keep them warm’ this time of year.

So, how can you make the most of the holiday hiring freeze? Well, if you’re a hiring manager, it’s easy - hire someone! It’s literally your job and now is your last, best chance to secure top talent while your colleagues (competition) are busy window shopping. By the time they thaw out in Q1, your team will be stocked up, locked in, and ready to rock the new year!

If you’re a job seeker, this is a good time not only to stay warm but to stay sharp. Use your downtime to practice interviewing, polish up your resume, or learn a new skill. Better yet, ease your burden and improve your odds of finding a job by working with a recruiter. If you’re not sure about what we do and how we can help, check out this guide for prospective candidates, then drop us a line. We’re here all year, open to all conversations, and always hiring!

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