You Plant a Seed,…You Plant a Seed, We'll Plant…

Seeking Renewable Referrals for Sustainable Growth

You Plant a Seed, We'll Plant a Tree

You Plant a Seed, We'll Plant a Tree

  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 02/16/2023
  • Recruiting News

For every referral we receive between now and the end of Spring, we’ll donate to ONE TREE PLANTED to plant a tree in your honor! 

Spectrum Recruiting Solutions is now your ONE-STOP RECRUITING SHOP and we’re seeking renewable referrals for sustainable growth!

We are blooming and we’d like some help from our buds (that’s you!). We’ll always remain grounded in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and manufacturing (our variation of STEM). And we’ll stick to our Utah roots (we’ll never leave) but we’re branching out into all areas of business.

From the factory floor where careers are sprouted to the corner office where fully mature plant managers and executives flourish and everywhere in between, we plan to produce results!

HIRING MANAGERS! Let us cultivate your crew so you can propagate business and squash the competition!

JOB SEEKERS! We know how hard you’ve worked and understand your worth, let us help you reap what you’ve sown!

NO PRESSURE on anyone involved, we're just looking to start conversations and plant seeds which may eventually blossom into fruitful relationships.

Corny puns aside, we are now taking on ALL positions for our clients. Get the details here: WE'RE GROWING!
Contact us with questions, referrals, and botany-based jokes.
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