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5 Reasons to Sponsor Employee Visas

  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 05/10/2023
  • Find Talent
In the ever-changing, fast-paced worlds of manufacturing, engineering, science, and technology, hiring TOP TALENT with specialized skills and expertise is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. One often overlooked and largely misunderstood method to access a broader talent pool and gain a competitive edge is sponsoring employee visas. The cost of sponsorship varies widely, depending on many factors. In the long run, the return on investment usually outweighs the initial financial commitment.
We’ll get into all that another time… For now, here are five reasons sponsorship is a solid strategic move for hiring managers and execs in manufacturing, engineering, and beyond.


Access to a Larger Pool of Specialized Candidates:

Sponsoring employee visas allows manufacturing and engineering companies to tap into a global talent pool of highly skilled candidates. By expanding their search beyond domestic borders and/or considering candidates within the U.S. who require sponsorship, employers can find individuals with esoteric skill sets and specific expertise that may be in high demand, scarce, or literally impossible to find locally. This is particularly advantageous for industries that require niche capabilities, such as advanced materials manufacturing, automation, robotics, aerospace, software engineering, etc. Sponsoring an employee visa opens doors to exceptional candidates from around the world, ensuring access to the best talent for critical roles. It’s the American dream, man.

Inspiring Innovation and Filling Skill Gaps:
Innovation lies at the heart of manufacturing, engineering, and tech. Through visa sponsorship, companies can attract diverse talent with different cultural, educational, and experiential backgrounds. Such diversity fuels innovation by fostering a work environment where fresh perspectives and new ideas flourish. Employees from various backgrounds collaborate to solve complex problems, leading to more creative, cutting-edge solutions. A multicultural workforce enables a deeper understanding of different markets, allowing companies to tailor their products and strategies to meet the specific needs of both domestic and global customers. It’s the future. Get with it or get out of the way.


Retaining Key Talent and Ensuring Continuity:

In many cases, sponsoring employee visas allows organizations to retain key personnel, even if they are not citizens or permanent residents. This is crucial in industries where technical expertise and experience play a significant role in achieving operational goals. Retaining key players ensures continuity in operations, prevents knowledge gaps, and minimizes disruptions caused by the loss of such personnel. By providing a pathway for employees to become permanent residents or citizens, sponsoring employee visas fosters loyalty and long-term commitment to the company. It’s also absolutely amazeballs for brand awareness and reputation.

Building a Stable and Skilled Workforce:
Particularly here in Utah, manufacturing and engineering companies are facing a shortage of skilled workers, especially in specialized areas. Sponsoring employment visas is a shrewd investment strategy to build stable, skilled workforces for the future. By being open to sponsorship, companies can bridge skill gaps and ensure a consistent pipeline of qualified professionals. This not only addresses immediate needs but also positions the company for long-term growth and success. A diverse workforce with international perspectives enhances problem-solving capabilities, enhances productivity, and facilitates expansion into new markets. It’s also a helluva lot more fun than a room full of nothing but Chads, Brads, and Karens.


Cost Effectiveness and Quality Control:

Sponsoring employee visas offers manufacturing and engineering companies a cost-effective solution compared to outsourcing or offshoring work. When work is outsourced, companies often face challenges related to quality control, productivity, and communication. By sponsoring employee visas, companies can bring workers directly to their location, reducing the costs and risks associated with managing remote teams. This approach enables greater control over operations, closer collaboration, and the ability to provide hands-on training to ensure optimal performance and quality.

Beyond meeting corporate needs and improving production, sponsorship is also about doing the right thing. It’s about moving the needle, lifting people up, and opening doors that have historically been closed. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: in any industry, your business is only as good as your team. Embracing a recruitment strategy that includes sponsorship opportunities allows businesses to unlock legitimately world-class talent.

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