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New Jobs Newsletter 5.29.2023

New Jobs, Newspaper Rock

New Jobs, Newspaper Rock

  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 05/29/2024
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This is Newspaper Rock, an impressive and highly accessible petroglyph panel in southern Utah. Etched into the face of a vast sandstone boulder along what is now State Route 211, it showcases more than 650 individual Native American rock art carvings. These petroglyphs, created by various tribes over several millennia, offer a captivating glimpse into the area’s history before the white man discovered it.
The symbols found on Newspaper Rock encompass a wide array of subjects. Human figures, animals like bighorn sheep and deer, hunting scenes, geometric patterns, and enigmatic abstract art grace the stone surface. While the exact meanings of such carvings remain speculative, they likely served diverse purposes.
Many believe that they held spiritual or religious significance, representing mythological figures or sacred rituals. Others suggest that they recorded historical events or served as territorial markers, asserting ownership or demarcating tribal boundaries. Some petroglyphs may have functioned as visual narratives, telling stories of the past or passing down collective knowledge. They could represent personal or clan symbols, celestial objects, or even a form of written language conveying information or messages.
Others have suggested that Newspaper Rock was the world’s very first job board. A place where locals would gather to see which clan was hiring hunters, who was in need of gatherers, where the basket weaving business was booming, or what the market looked like for strange anthropomorphic animal alien-type things.
The true meanings of the petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock continue to inspire curiosity, ongoing research, and ludicrous speculation like this, leaving visitors to ponder the ancient secrets, stories, and wisdom embedded within this remarkable archaeological treasure.


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