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Candidate Recruiter (Internal)

Recruiting, Sourcing, Coordination, Business Administration, Networking
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BENEFITS: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision, 401K
Remote Job
Full Time

Candidate Recruiter

Location: Salt Lake City, UT (remote)

Reports to: Recruiting Manager

Compensation: Commission-based (regular draw option available)


Responsibilities & Requirements of the Candidate Recruiter:

  • Utilize a wide variety of resources, techniques, and technology to identify, source, and connect with potential matches for open manufacturing & engineering roles.
  • Coordinate, schedule, and conduct interviews with candidates.Work to build and maintain strong, professional relationships with existing and prospective candidates, channel partners, and clients.
  • Help refine processes and develop growth strategies to improve sourcing and overall company productivity.
  • Collaborate with recruiters and management to develop, prioritize, and execute strategies.
  • Create and post social media content as needed.
  • Various administrative tasks, as required (~10% of all responsibilities).
  • Must be a resourceful, willing learner to get to know our industry as well as candidates, clients, and the Utah manufacturing market.
  • Solid organizational skills, adaptability, and a desire to thrive in an ever-changing, often fast-paced environment will be critical.Outstanding verbal, written, and interpersonal communication capabilities.
  • English / Spanish bilingual, a plus.
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. without sponsorship.

EMPATHY, AMBITION, and INTELLIGENCE are our core values. We’re seeking a RECRUITER who will embody and encourage these traits. You must be self-sufficient, driven, emotionally mature, and productive, without being a jerk. Mean, lazy, dum-dums need not apply.

Controls Automation Technician

Controls, Automation, Technician, Industrial Maintenance, Manufacturing, PLC Programming, Rockwell, Siemens, Labview, Troubleshoot, Automated Controls, Electrical, Condition Base Monitoring
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BENEFITS: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision, 401K
In House Job
Full Time

Controls Automation Technician

Location: Salt Lake City, UT 

Reports to: Facilities and Maintenance Manager  

Compensation: $30 - $40+/Hour 

Shift: Second Shift 5-8s and 4-10s alternating weekly 

It’s common knowledge that within 25 years, 95% of all current, human jobs will be done by machines. Automation and artificial intelligence will continue to advance until the technological singularity occurs (circa 2065), at which point mankind will fall almost entirely under robotic control. Even now, in 2024 it is estimated that 40% of all world leaders and as many as 500 of the world’s 2000 billionaires are automatons. Elon Musk is widely regarded as the best example of ‘living’ proof of this theory. A Google search of ‘Elon Musk dancing’ and one minute on YouTube will convince even the most hardened skeptic. It’s truly inhuman and, frankly, terrifying... 100% of the above statistics are unfounded but this much is true: If you want to stay in charge as automation and robotics expand toward ubiquity, the best way to do it will be to control the machines. The best way to do that is as a CONTROLS AUTOMATION TECHNICIAN and we’re hiring one now!  

Requirements & Responsibilities of the Controls Automation Technician:  

  • 5+ years of hands-on industrial maintenance and controls experience in a manufacturing setting.
  • Understanding of PLC programming (Rockwell, Siemens, Labview, Yaskawa, GE Proficy) and ability to troubleshoot automated controls.
  • Strong electrical aptitude, including experience with condition base monitoring, ability to read electrical schematics/blueprints and familiarity with electrical codes and regulations. Master Electrician’s license highly desirable.
  • Ability to identify, maintain, and troubleshoot automation and mechanical components.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and drive.
  • Professional demeanor with outstanding verbal, written, and interpersonal communication capabilities.
  • Customer focused team player.
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. without sponsorship.
  • Install, maintain, and troubleshoot automated equipment.
  • Perform routine inspections and repairs on all systems to minimize downtime and optimize performance.
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to plan and execute system upgrades.
  • Support continuous improvement initiatives with a focus on safety, quality, and cost.

Help us engineer the most innovative and technically advanced solutions in the aerospace industry. We have been designing and manufacturing the highest quality composite components and structures for government and private clients for more than 50 years. We are deeply committed to our employees and a productive, positive work / life balance. As such, we offer flexible schedules with plenty of paid time off as part of our generous compensation packages.  

Injection Molding Technician

Injection Molding, Blow Molding, JSW, Sumitomo, Novapax, Production, Machine Setup, Troubleshooting, Technician, Operator
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BENEFITS: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision, 401K
In House Job
Full Time

Injection Molding Technician 

Location: Salt Lake City, UT 

Reports to: Production Manager 

Compensation: $25 - $35+/Hour, DOE + shift differential 

Shift: Days, Swings, Graves available 


Requirements & Responsibilities of the Injection Molding Technician :  

  • 2+ years of experience in injection molding, injection blow, or similar experience
  • Experience with injection molding equipment required – experience with JSW, Sumitomo, and/or Novapax injection machines is highly preferred.
  • Ensure that injection molding lines are operating efficiently and effectively
  • Inspect product for quality and consistency according to product specs
  • Perform machine changeovers including setups and processing of parts and materials
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot and problem solve production and equipment/setup issues
  • Familiar with working in a fast paced production environment and ability to prioritize work
  • Mechanically inclined and able to use standard hand and power tools to perform repairs or installations
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work well with other technicians and production team to accomplish goals
  • Ability to read and interpret work documents and perform basic shop math
  • Must be able to work in the U.S. without sponsorship


Quality Manager

Quality Management, Food Science, Food & Beverage, Regulatory Compliance, SQF, Quality Engineering
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BENEFITS: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision, 401K
In House Job
Full Time

Quality Manager 

Location: Salt Lake City, UT 

Reports to: Senior Quality Manager 

Compensation: $105K - $115K 

Do you take it as a compliment when people call you things like persnickety, nit-picky, and finicky? First of all, who are these people? Old-timey prospector types? Antiquated cartoon characters? With their dad-gummed arcane vernaculars… Secondly, you should take it as a compliment and put your discriminating eye for detail to work. We’re looking for the ficklest of sticklers, the most fastidious of fussbudgets, someone for whom QUALITY is not a goal but a way of life; A QUALITY MANAGER for QUALITY assurance of QUALITY products. If QUALITY control speaks to your soul, we want you. Let’s find out if you’re QUALIFIED.  

Requirements & Responsibilities of the Quality Manager:  

  • Bachelor’s degree in food science, quality management, engineering, or related field preferred.
  • CQM (construction quality management), SQF (safe quality food), NSF (national sanitation foundation) Practitioner, and HACCP/PCQI (preventative controls qualified individual) certification, preferred.
  • 5+ years of professional experience, including quality management, food and beverage manufacturing, high-speed manufacturing, quality control methods, regulatory compliance, and quality laboratories.
  • Familiarity with quality management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including demonstrable leadership qualities, and an ability to collaborate cross-functionally with R&D, procurement, supplier, and health and safety teams.
  • Exceptional analytical skills, problem-solving capabilities, and attention to detail.
  • Commitment to quality standards, continuous improvement, and operational excellence.
  • Outstanding verbal, written, and interpersonal communication capabilities.
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. without sponsorship.
  • Help build and lead a team of quality technicians and inspectors, providing guidance, training, and performance evaluations to achieve product quality and safety.
  • Develop and implement quality control processes through all stages of production.
  • Stay current on relevant industry standards and regulations to ensure adherence to legal requirements and quality certifications.
  • Manage QMS (quality management system) that outlines SOPs (standard operating procedures), work instructions, and quality process guidelines.
  • Conduct internal audits to ensure adherence to legal requirements and industry standards.
  • Analyze quality data and identify areas for improvement.
  • Manage customer complaints and feedback related to product quality.

Be part of a pioneering team that's breaking new ground in the beverage packaging and manufacturing industry. We value innovation, technology, and human connections, and we believe that working collaboratively in a positive and inclusive environment is the key to success. We're looking for individuals who share our values of boldness, diversity, and fearlessness, and who are passionate about making a difference. Bring your energy, passion, and creativity to each challenge and join us as we pop the top off the industry!  

Sales Engineer

Sales, Engineering, Plastics, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Chemical, Injection Molding, Business Development, Customer Management, Estimates
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BENEFITS: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision, 401K
In House Job
Full Time

Sales Engineer 

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Reports to: Director of Sales    

Compensation: $85K - $110K + plus bonus


Requirements & Responsibilities of the Sales Engineer:  

  • Bachelor’s degree in Plastics, Manufacturing, Mechanical, or Chemical Engineering preferred. 
  • 5+ years’ experience in plastics, injection molding, manufacturing, sales, engineering, business development, and/or customer management. 
  • Deep understanding of plastics and plastic injection molding processes.
  • Ability to travel to tradeshows and customer sites.
  • Strong project management and design process flow skills. 
  • Outstanding verbal, written, and interpersonal communication capabilities.
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. without sponsorship.
  • Build and maintain strong customer relationships.  
  • Prepare technical written proposals, layout drawings, and cost estimates for customers.
  • Collaborate closely with Engineering team.
  • Plan for modifications to products to meet consumer demands. 
  • Recommend new and improved products to the customers and explain how the equipment will be more cost-effective. 
  • Develop and execute sales strategies to achieve revenue targets and expand market share. 

For more than half a century we have thrived by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and considering unique perspectives. We’re seeking professionals who can bring innovative insights to our team. Our management style encourages fresh ideation and self-motivation. We offer a competitive benefits program, tailored for personal and professional growth. Our workspace promotes wellness, activity, and camaraderie. Our culture encourages teamwork and individual growth, nurturing the next generation of brilliant minds and next-level injection molding products and processes. Join us!