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  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 05/15/2023
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In tandem with our popular TOP TALENT TUESDAY email and social media marketing campaign, we will now keep a running list of a few stellar candidates who are actively seeking new positions. The best part? The talent... The second best part? We offer a DEEP DISCOUNT on all TOP TALENT candidates... A 10% FEE RATE! * The worst part? Professionals like these aren't easy to come by and definitely won't last long!

Please CONTACT US for an introduction to any of the phenomenal prospects below. If you'd like to receive TOP TALENT candidates in your inbox weekly, email to be added to the list. Can't find the candidate you're looking for? LET US KNOW who they are and how we can help.


VP Human Resources (Featured 4/2/2024)
Strategic HR leader with global experience driving organization growth through innovative strategies. Skilled in talent acquisition, development, and compliance across diverse landscapes. Led transformative initiatives, including consolidating operations, enhancing onboarding, and streamlining payroll systems. Excelled in stakeholder management and fostering inclusive workplace cultures. Recognized for driving efficiency and cost savings while facilitating seamless transitions.
Availability: Immediately    
Compensation: Seeking $150K+, plus Bonus    
Education/Certifications: BS, PHR and SHRM-SCP
Innovative Engineering Director (Featured 4/2/2024)
This candidate came to us highly recommended! He’s passionate about the aerospace industry, which has been a fascination since childhood. He’s had the opportunity to experience firsthand a fun, challenging, and exciting aerospace research project in additive manufacturing and converting carbon fiber composites into high-temperature composites (carbon-carbon). He has a background in managing people, projects, and programs, but he particularly enjoys working in a research / R&D think-tank environment.
Availability: Professional Notice    
Compensation: Targeting $149K    
Education: Ph.D. Materials Science, MSE Metallurgy
Engineering Designer (Featured 4/2/2024)
An experienced Architectural Designer with a strong background in cabinet engineering, skilled in Cabinet Vision, CAD software, client relations, construction documents, material selections, freehand sketching, AutoCAD, InDesign, Planswift, and Revit. Previous role as a Lead Designer involved creating detailed shop drawings, resolving design challenges, and collaborating with clients to achieve their design preferences and goals. 
Availability: Professional Notice    
Compensation: Seeking $85K  
Education: AS in Engineering Design Technology
Director of People (Featured 4/2/2024)
Experienced and adept at enhancing employee experiences through innovative strategies.  Led transformative initiatives across diverse industries, optimizing HR functions, and fostering organizational growth.  Specialized in leadership development, recruitment, and culture enhancement.  Proven track record in designing engagement tools, implementing training programs, and streamlining processes to drive engagement and performance.  Seeking stability and team environment after navigating through organizational changes.
Availability: Professional Notice    
Compensation: Seeking $140K  
Education: MBA, BS Psychology, Minor in Management
VP or Director of Engineering (Featured 4/2/2024)
Experienced engineering leader adept at managing complex programs, fostering technical excellence, and cultivating strong customer relationships. Notable for driving team development, effective communication, and problem-solving. Highlights include coordinating projects, supervising test facility operations, and directing engineering initiatives for military and commercial use. Proven track record in program management, technical innovation, and operational optimization across diverse industries.
Availability: Immediately
Compensation: Seeking $170K, Flexible  
Education: BS Electrical Engineering
Machine, Robotics, and Automation Design Engineer (Featured 3/19/2024)
He brings 5+ years in machine design engineering with a strong focus and passion for robotics and automation. Possessing 12+ years of proficiency in Solidworks CAD modeling, he thrives on bringing designs to fruition. He excels in blank board designs and developing products from scratch. Personable, collaborative, and an adept communicator, he excels in both team environments and customer interactions. His accomplishments include automating production lines, working with various robots, presses, and PLC programming.
Availability: Professional Notice    
Compensation: Seeking $103K+ 
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering
HR Business Partner (Featured 3/19/2024)
This HR professional loves connecting with people and cultivating her skills. Actively engaged in SHRM, she remains abreast of policy developments. For the past two years, she’s held a pivotal HR role supporting plants across multiple states, overseeing leadership development, recruiting, and employee relations. Additionally, she has experience in timecard management, program management, training/onboarding, managing budgets, writing grants, maintaining contracts, and handling administrative tasks. 
Availability: Professional Notice    
Compensation: Seeking $85K   
Education/Certification: MBA Human Resources, PHR
Director of IT (Featured 3/19/2024)
Experienced IT leader adept at delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions. Demonstrated expertise in team leadership, strategic planning, and vendor management. Recognized for transforming operations, fostering growth, and enhancing efficiency. Skilled in cultivating relationships and leveraging technology to drive business success. He is open to both onsite and remote opportunities.
Availability: Mid-April     
Compensation: Seeking $150K + 20% Bonus (Equivalent)
Education: MBA, BS Management
Injection Molding Professional (Featured 3/19/2024)
With 20+ years of experience in the injection molding industry, he possesses a robust skill set encompassing project management, supplier management, and Lean principles. He has managed cross-functional teams, driven process improvements, and overseen molding operations. Demonstrating a track record of successfully managing molding projects from conception to launch, his expertise in handling external vendors both domestically and internationally underscores his ability to ensure seamless project execution and delivery.
Availability: Professional Notice
Compensation: Currently $165K 
Education/Certification: BS Manufacturing, 6S Black Belt
HR and Operations Professional (Featured 3/19/2024)
FUN FACT: Fluent in English, Filipino, and conversational Spanish
This HR and Operations professional is both driven and academically accomplished. He will soon complete an MBA and already possesses three years of HR expertise, along with nearly a year as an operations supervisor in fast-paced environments, including Fortune 500 companies. He has a demonstrable ability to manage diverse teams of 8-15 individuals with enthusiasm, showcasing strong interpersonal skills.
Availability: Professional Notice
Compensation: Seeking $70K+
Education: BS Business Management 
Production / Warehouse Supervisor (Featured 3/5/2024)
This candidate brings extensive production and leadership experience, effectively supervising teams of up to 60 individuals for efficient operations. His background includes roles in warehouse management, system administration, logistics, and superintendent. His hands-on experience in lean manufacturing, coupled with forklift operation and training skills, enhances his production proficiency. With a strong production and union background, he is well-equipped to drive team success and operational efficiency.
Availability: Immediately
Compensation: Seeking $80 - 90K  
Education: 8+ Years of Experience
Machinist (Featured 3/5/2024)
With over 10 years in manufacturing, this candidate boasts a rich background in machining. Proficient in blueprint reading and tool changes, she excels in machining, particularly enjoying work with composites and painting. Having operated 3rd and 4th-axis machines, her eagerness to learn is evident. She has worked for a few months in Mastercam and is motivated to improve her skills. Her adaptability and passion make her a valuable addition to any machining team.
Availability: Immediately
Compensation: Seeking $31 - 35 / Hour
Extra: Open to Graveyard Shifts
Territory Manager (Featured 3/5/2024)
Experienced in industrial service and sales, actively seeking similar roles. Successfully manages six accounts across multiple states, specializing in water and wash cycle optimization. Proficient in wastewater treatment and technical troubleshooting, including electrical, plumbing, and air systems. Demonstrates expertise in territory management and sales, overseeing a valuable district valued at $1.4M. Known for building strong client relationships through consultative approaches.
Availability: Professional Notice
Compensation: Seeking $80 - 100K
Supply Chain Manager (Featured 3/5/2024)
With 20 years of experience in manufacturing, an MBA focusing on supply chain management, and a background in mechanical engineering, this supply chain manager brings comprehensive insight. Leading supply chain teams, managing inventory, and fostering supplier relationships, he’s effectively streamlined procurement and inventory processes. Proficient in market strategy and product launches, his expertise promises immediate positive impacts.
Availability: Immediately
Compensation: Seeking $110 - 120K     
Education: MBA, MS Mechanical Engineering, BS Manufacturing Engineering
Quality Professional (Featured 3/5/2024)
This candidate is not only a seasoned, meticulous problem-solver and leader, but he has a great personality that would add value to any team! His background in quality management and engineering across a wide range of advanced materials industries has well equipped him for various leadership opportunities. He has had proven success in team building, defect reduction, cost reduction, and continuous improvement. Eager to foster continuous improvement and instill a culture of quality and ongoing learning.
Availability: Immediately
Compensation: Seeking $120K+         
Education: Bachelor of Arts
Project Manager / Manufacturing & Tooling Engineer (Featured 2/20/2024)
With over three decades in manufacturing, this candidate excels in project management, having transitioned from machining to manufacturing engineering and finally to Project Management roles. Proficient in CAD software like SolidWorks, he enjoys tackling unique challenges and optimizing processes. Seeking opportunities in manufacturing, he aims to apply his problem-solving skills in roles with comprehensive toolsets.
Availability: Professional Notice
Compensation: Seeking $105K     
Education: 35 Years of Experience
Spanish Bilingual Technician (Featured 2/20/2024)
Dedicated and skilled Technician with experience in troubleshooting, programming, electronics, and maintenance. Eager to contribute to a manufacturing / engineering company. Proven success in sales, leading teams, and entrepreneurship. Bilingual in Spanish, with a background in business development and a range of technical skills, including robotics programming, machinery adjustment, and wired logic controls. He’s open to a variety of roles and interested in opportunities that will allow for future growth.
Availability: Immediately
Compensation: Seeking $28 - 30 / Hour     
Education: AS Automation and Robotics (March 2024)
Continuous Improvement Leader (Featured 2/20/2024)
Accomplished CI professional with 16+ years of experience in process improvement and project management, seeking a challenging role in manufacturing or AI settings. Proven track record in driving efficiency, safety, and profitability through Lean methodologies, Six Sigma, and project leadership. Demonstrated success in achieving significant cost savings, and enhancing organizational performance. Skilled in facilitating improvements, managing stakeholders, and he’s a true expert in implementing Lean Training and coaching. 
Availability: Immediately
Compensation: Seeking $115 - 130K     
Education: BS Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Compliance and Test Engineer (Featured 2/20/2024)
A seasoned Compliance and Test Engineer with a distinguished career spanning over two decades. Successfully ensured regulatory compliance for tablets, enabling market penetration in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Proficient in evaluating design changes for regulatory adherence, conducting electrical testing, and overseeing product assurance. Demonstrated expertise in navigating hazardous certifications for products in European markets. Proven leadership in training technicians and engineers and ISO 9001 Certified.
Availability: Immediately
Compensation: Seeking $75 - 85K     
Education: 20+ Years of Experience
Process Engineer (Featured 2/20/2024)
An accomplished Process Engineer, he excels in carbon fiber manufacturing for aerospace and defense. He has successfully overseen two lines with a focus on safety, quality, and yield. His expertise spans new product development, production optimization, and Root Cause investigations, leading to notable cost savings and enhanced efficiency. Adept in Lean, Kaizen, and Six Sigma, he seeks a challenging role in process or manufacturing engineering ideally within medical devices or food and beverage industries.
Availability: Professional Notice
Compensation: Seeking $90 - 100K     
Education: BS Chemical Engineering / EIT

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