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  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 05/15/2023
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In tandem with our popular TOP TALENT TUESDAY email and social media marketing campaign, we will now keep a running list of a few stellar candidates who are actively seeking new positions. The best part? The talent... The second best part? We offer a DEEP DISCOUNT on all TOP TALENT candidates... A 10% FEE RATE! * The worst part? Professionals like these aren't easy to come by and definitely won't last long!

Please CONTACT US for an introduction to any of the phenomenal prospects below. If you'd like to receive TOP TALENT candidates in your inbox weekly, email to be added to the list. Can't find the candidate you're looking for? LET US KNOW who they are and how we can help.


Bilingual Warehouse Supervisor
An accomplished Warehouse Supervisor, this candidate has consistently managed teams of 6 to 12 staff. With a leadership style emphasizing open communication and clear goal-setting, they excel in logistics. Their experience includes the efficient handling of electronics and cable products, operating various types of forklifts, and expertise in Pit Operations. Fluent in Spanish, they are well-suited for roles requiring strong leadership, precise logistics, and effective team communication.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $65K+
Certifications: Forklift and First Aid Certified
Firmware Engineer
A skilled and adaptable Firmware Engineer with expertise in C, C++, PSoC, FPGA, FreeRTOS, SolidWorks PCB, CAN, I2C, and more. He excels in hardware interfaces, device drivers, and embedded systems, demonstrating hands-on collaboration with fellow engineers. With a history of architecting and developing products and improving legacy systems, he thrives on overcoming challenges and harnessing his extensive experience.  His communication skills have facilitated collaborations with offshore partners and internal teams alike.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $110K+
Education: BS Computer Engineering
VP of Operations
Experienced executive with 13+ years at a leading company, he rose to the position of VP of Operations. With a deep commitment to team growth and building client relationships, he manages 5 direct reports and supervises 300 indirect reports nationwide. His skills include driving transformative change, utilizing lean manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques, and excelling in regulated settings. Recognized for his exceptional customer and community engagement, he excels in metrics-based performance and project management.
Availability: Professional Notice     
Compensation: Seeking $225K+
Education: BS Chemical Engineering
Software Engineer
A dedicated candidate with expertise spanning firmware to cloud architectures. He has a versatile background that encompasses various industries, including automation machinery, computers, and electronics manufacturing, among others. He excels in a wide range of programming languages such as C/C++, Node.js, Python, Verilog/VHDL, Java, and MATLAB. As a leader, he takes pride in his ability to mentor and support his team's professional development, ensuring project completion and fostering growth.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $140-160K
Education: MS Computer Science
Lead Operations Training Manager
With over eight years of experience, including roles as a Lead Operations Training Coordinator, this candidate has rich experience in crafting and maintaining effective training programs. They excel in diverse teaching methods, such as in-person, virtual, and on-the-job coaching. Their talent for simplifying complex business concepts ensures clarity for various audiences. Proficient in adult learning principles, they're primed to deliver impactful training programs, fostering growth within the manufacturing industry.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $70K+
Certification: First Aid (CPR) Certified
Quality Engineer
Driven by a desire for growth, this Quality Engineer brings over 4 years of experience in medical devices. Her current role involves navigating process changes, aiding audits, and contributing to the development of a forthcoming product launch. Armed with ISO 13485 knowledge, she excels in their two-person quality team. With an MBA in hand, she aims to transition into management, while her commitment to quality is further demonstrated by private audits. This engineer would be a great, talented addition to a team.
Availability: Professional Notice     
Compensation: Seeking $110-$120K
Education: MBA and BS Biomedical Engineering / 6S Green Belt / ISO 13485 with FDA 21 CFR 820 Lead Auditor
Supply Chain Leader
An outstanding supply chain pro that is truly passionate about his field! He is incredibly well-rounded and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Calm, collected, and engaging, he enjoys the ability to make an impact with his team and organization, offering expertise in purchasing, negotiations, vendor selection, inventory management, ERP systems, and beyond. Actively seeking his next career home, he aims to continue sharing his knowledge and adding value.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $95K+
Education: MBA
Manufacturing Engineer
A highly skilled candidate with over 12 years of dedicated service in the manufacturing industry and superb communication. Currently employed as a Manufacturing Engineer at a prominent company, where he began as a Manufacturing Technician and worked his way up. Proficient in monitoring manufacturing processes, prioritizing products, and ensuring the achievement of daily and weekly goals. Additionally, he is responsible for conducting data analysis to ensure production efficiency.
Availability: Professional Notice     
Compensation: Seeking $115K
Education: BS Technology Management
Operations Professional
A seasoned professional with expertise in facility layouts, pneumatic design, equipment setup, and equipment procurement. With experience as a Manufacturing Engineer, Process/Project Engineer, and Director of Operations, he has managed budgets, factory testing, and installation. He has a background in hydraulics and CAD drawings, and a track record of optimizing manufacturing facilities and support systems. He is seeking Operation Management opportunities.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $90K+
Education: BS Process Engineering and Technology Management
Embedded Engineer
An accomplished Electrical Engineer, he possesses exceptional skills and experience. With a particular expertise in embedded systems, C, Verilog, and Altium. He also has experience with FPGA, circuit design, and analog to digital conversion design. Demonstrating a passion for various technologies and an appetite for challenges, he stands out for his personable nature and is frequently sought after as a mentor for junior engineers. His recent projects have revolved around the development of a motor arm controller for an autonomous robot.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $120-$130K
Education: BS Electrical Engineering, pursuing MS Electrical Engineering
Production / Quality Engineer
With a strong foundation in both Quality and Production Engineering, he seamlessly bridges production and quality. Having led large multidisciplinary teams, he is a pro at optimizing workflows. A dedicated advocate for continuous improvement and quality enhancement, he consistently meets strict specifications. His expertise extends to Lean Manufacturing implementation and displaying a commitment to quality. His Green Belt and ISO 9000 expertise support his aspirations to venture into the medical device and aerospace sectors.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $85K
Education: BS Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing
Supply Chain Manager
A seasoned Supply Chain expert with a passion for building teams and strong processes, who excels in fostering organizational collaboration and driving overall success. With extensive manufacturing supply chain experience, he's adept at establishing effective SCM strategies for business growth. He delivers impactful results and boasts proficiency in ERP systems. He is eager to align his passions with organizations looking to optimize their supply chain practices and bring true impact to the organization.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $120K+
Education: BS Business Communication, APICS and CSCP Certifications
Quality Manager
Exceptional Quality Manager with expertise in process optimization, leadership, and quality assurance. His certifications include Six Sigma Green Belt, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, and ISO 14001 Environmental Auditor. Proficient in AutoCAD, Solidworks, and SAP, he strengthens quality control. He's achieved in driving continuous improvement, building Quality Management Systems, and creating defect identification, auditing, and preventive maintenance systems. He excels in training, positive leadership, and ensuring compliance.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $115K+
Education: MBA and BS Mechanical Engineering Technology
Senior Buyer / Planner
A dedicated professional in procurement and Supply Chain Management. He is experienced in streamlining processes, collaborating with manufacturers abroad, and implementing supply chain improvements. His experience extends to robotics and new production, where he engaged with engineering teams and vendors to ensure optimal part selection and availability. With a proven track record of process enhancement and hands-on experience in diverse industries, he is poised to excel in supply chain roles.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $105-110K
Education: MS HR Management and BS Management / Certificate - Process Improvement and Operations Managemen
VP of Product Development and R&D
This candidate is a seasoned technical executive with a proven track record in leadership and product development. With experience in both hardware and software engineering, he excels in SAAS, IOT, NoSQL, and related platforms. He possesses a talent for building and motivating teams to achieve business goals and has directed international engineering efforts. His expertise extends to R&D, product development, and project management in the software industry, making him a valuable asset for any executive leadership role.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $200K, flexible
Education: MS Electrical Engineering and BS Electronic Engineering Technology
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
A seasoned manufacturing engineer with extensive experience adeptly blending technical expertise with strategic insight. He demonstrates a remarkable track record in optimizing production processes, ensuring impeccable quality standards, and driving cost-effective solutions. Proficient in harnessing cutting-edge technologies and fostering cross-functional collaboration to achieve operational excellence. He is highly skilled in driving continuous improvement and achieving product superiority.
Availability: Professional Notice     
Compensation: Seeking $115K+
Education: BS Mechancial Engineering
Project Manager
With a focus on project management and a penchant for success, this candidate excels in roles leveraging expertise across food & beverage sectors and water & wastewater project management. He is experienced in managing tasks like engineering specs, fabrication, and assembly. He has thrived in substantial projects like hot and cold fill PT beverage lines, highlighting installation and programming acumen. His adaptability to industry changes and equipment sales success underscore his commitment to project excellence.
Availability: Professional Notice     
Compensation: Seeking $105K
Education: BS and MS Mechanical Engineering
Director of Engineering
A proven leader in engineering and product development in the Industrial Automation and Oil & Mining industries. With a strong passion for innovation, he's successfully led 30+ engineering teams, driving collaboration to create advanced products and tackle critical challenges. His track record includes delivering impactful solutions, fostering continuous improvement, and aligning strategies with market trends. Overall, his expertise and leadership drive operational excellence, delivering tangible results.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $160K - $170K+
Education: MBA & Six Sigma Green Belt Certified
A dynamic executive poised to reshape the landscape as a CEO, COO, or VP. He excels at driving growth and profitability through sales, business development, and international manufacturing expertise. Proficient in cultivating relationships, organizational structures, and strategies, he serves as the catalyst for success. His exceptional communication skills and global insights, honed through navigating diverse cultures and industries, amplify his influence. He stands ready to be your proactive leader, delivering exceptional results.
Availability: Immediately     
Compensation: Seeking $175K+
Education: MBA – Project Management / Finance
Project Engineer / Manager
This individual possesses a diverse skill set, including proficiency in AutoCAD, AutoSprink, SketchUp, Primavera, JONAS, and BIS software. She manages contracts effectively, ensuring budget and schedule adherence, while excelling at reading blueprints and analyzing contracts. She demonstrates leadership, problem-solving skills, and adaptability, honed through roles as a Project Engineer, specializing in project management, design, and documentation across various industries. Remote/possible hybrid in Colorado or Oregon.
Availability: Professional Notice     
Compensation: Seeking $60K+
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering

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