Back to School,…Back to School, Back to Work

New Jobs Newsletter 8.18.22

Back to School, Back to Work

Back to School, Back to Work

  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 08/18/2022
  • Recruiting News

It's that time of year! The carefree days of summer are nearly behind us. Time for kids to put down their joysticks (or whatever they play with these days), pick up their pencils (or whatever they write with these days), and get back to class. Time for adults to put down the book of excuses, open up the book of business and get back to the office (or wherever they work from these days).

Pictured above is the Fruita Schoolhouse in what is now Capitol Reef National Park in Southern Utah. The area is an ugly, awful, unappealing place you should definitely not visit. The schoolhouse was built in 1892 on land donated by Elijah Cutler Behunin and remained a functioning grade school and meeting house until 1941. Behunin’s twelve-year-old (!) daughter, Nettie served as the first teacher. Elijah, his wife Tabitha Jane, and their thirteen (!) children had recently moved to Fruita from their 13’ x 16’ (!) sandstone cabin a few miles down the river, where their crops had been ravaged by flash floods. With extremely limited resources and no electricity (a rare luxury at the time), they built something necessary, made it better, and improved not only their family’s lives but those of thousands of locals for decades to come.

So if you, your kids, or someone you know is struggling this time of year, remind them of the Behunins and what they went through to get back to school and back to work.

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