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What Clients are Saying About Us

Of course your company could benefit from working with a recruiting agency. And, obviously, that agency should be Spectrum Recruiting Solutions. But clearly, it’s better to hear it from someone other than us. Check out these reviews and testimonials from past and present clients and partners with whom we have had the pleasure of working.

Spectrum's 2022 Talent Acquisition Trends 

Taking a look at the current state of hiring for job-seekers, employers, and recruiters in Utah and beyond.

Interview Tips for Hiring Managers

We get to see both sides of the interview process on a daily basis and, guess what? Candidates aren't the only ones who need help. Here are a few ideas for hiring managers, future supervisors and anyone else looking to make a strong first impression for themselves and their company. 

4 Steps for Successfully Working with Recruiters

Of course we could give hiring managers 100 reasons to work with us and 100 ways to be successful doing so, but our friend and colleague, Cory Estes has narrowed it down to 4 simple steps. Having worked with recruiters and HR professionals to fill more than 100 engineering roles over the past several years, he knows what he's talking about!

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

These aren't just industry buzzwords for us. Part of our mission is to build strong, diverse, innovative and inclusive teams to drive business growth and advances in technology. 

Spectrum Capabilities Statement

Check out who we are and what we do, officially. DUNS Number, Cage Code, NAICS Codes, and more.