Awesome Autumn OpportunitiesAwesome Autumn Opportunities

New Jobs Newsletter 9.20.23

Awesome Autumn Opportunities

  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 09/20/2023
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In just a few days, fall will officially arrive and we can already feel it in the air and see it in the trees here in Utah! 

Autumn is the ideal time for reflection. The turbulent waters of spring, tamed by summer’s incessant heat, fall still upon the land and offer up mirrors for the trees, the skies, and all who gaze upon them.
More than any other season, fall looks the way it feels. The shifting spectrum of colors coincides with the metamorphosis of flora and fauna, as the world slows its collective metabolism in preparation for the cruel months to come.
As our own summer skin returns to its pallid indoor state, the sky pales to a cooler blue, ready to nestle into the wooly, grey blanket of winter.
The sun works harder to pierce the stratosphere this time of year; its low position in the sky causing shadows to be cast longer as the days grow shorter. Such finite daylight delights, providing a dreamy, golden hour filter through which to view the vacillating landscape.
The tumbling leaves portend our own mortality and remind us of the beauty in letting go...


For many people, it's harvest season. Flowers have turned to fruits; the delicious rewards for labor long forgotten. It’s a time of abundance in the field and at the farmer’s market.
Right now also happens to be a time of abundance in the fields of manufacturing and engineering and the Utah job market!
If you’re feeling melancholy, maybe it’s not just the time of year. Perhaps you should gaze upon a mountain pond and consider where you are in life and where you want to be - as a person and as an employee. Are you truly reaping the rewards from the seeds you've sown? Or is it time to trust in the abundance and just let go?
Take a moment to reflect this autumn. You may realize you’ve fallen into a pile and you should just leave.




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