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Hiring Manager Hacks 10.11.23

Top Ten Reasons Recruiters Are Better Than Job Boards

  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 10/11/2023
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When we find out one of our clients, or more likely a prospective client is using job boards to find talent, it’s not a surprise. When we find out that is their entire recruiting strategy, we’re a bit surprised but not shocked. “Post & pray” has been a popular (and horrible) strategy for years. But when we find out that they’re spending thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on job boards… We are shook, sis.

You see, when you work with a recruiting agency, you get to avoid sifting through dozens, hundreds, even thousands of bad applicants which saves you and your company a ton of valuable time. It’s true, our fees are likely higher than the job board fees but it’s for good reason. In fact, several good reasons.

Here are ten of them:

1. Personalized Service and Customized Solutions:

We work to understand our clients, our candidates, and the jobs we’re filling. Unlike job boards, we provide one-on-one assistance, understand your specific needs, and do the recruiting so you can do your job.

2. Expertise and Industry Knowledge:

We understand the manufacturing and engineering industries in Utah better than any other recruiting firm in the state… Come at me, bro. We understand market trends, job seekers’ mindsets, and more and can offer valuable insights and advice to both clients and candidates.

3. Quality Over Quantity:

Probably the number one way we are more effective than job boards. While they may provide a large number of applicants, we provide pre-screened and qualified candidates who are a better fit, guaranteed.

4. Time and Cost Efficiency:

Again, we save you time (money) by delivering candidates who are more likely to be hired. The cost of a bad hire will far outweigh the expense of our services.

5. Access to Passive Candidates:

The majority of the candidates we place are not actively looking for new jobs, hence they are not on job boards. They are already gainfully employed because they are good at what they do. They are also smart so they’re almost always open to exploring the right opportunity.

6. Reduced Ad Spend:

While our placement fees might initially seem high, they’ll definitely lead to reduced spending on job boards and other ads. With a recruiter, there’s no need to spend money blanketing the internet, we’ve already done that. So we already know the folks you're trying to get to.

7. Guarantees:

This one is huge. The only guarantee you get with a job board is that you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. With Spectrum, if a candidate doesn't work out within our agreed-upon guarantee period, we provide a replacement or refund. Sucks for us, provides peace of mind to you.

8. Technology and Tools:

We spend more than we’d like to (so you don’t have to) on social media platforms, applicant tracking systems, client relationship management tools, and other bleeding-edge technology to streamline the hiring process and find the best-fit candidates quickly.

9. Relationship Building:

Long-lasting, real-world relationships are the core of our business and essential for any company to succeed. You can’t get this with job boards. Nothing but annoying bots there… Our goal is not just to fill positions but to ensure long-term success for everyone involved.

10. Local Expertise:

Again, we are experts when it comes to manufacturing and engineering in Utah. We have local ties that run deep and connections to a vast local network you won’t find on job boards or anywhere else for that matter.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We actually use job boards once in a while! If we’re working a particularly difficult-to-fill, usually lower-level role and we have exhausted our other resources, we’ll pop on, pay a minimal fee, and see who we can find. But this is a last resort, not a hiring strategy. And, honestly, job boards are used by agencies like ours to identify prospective clients as much as candidates.

So, while job boards do have their place in talent acquisition, Spectrum offers more targeted, efficient, and personalized solutions that will ultimately lead to better hires and cost savings over time.

Still on the fence? See what our past clients have to say about us HERE.

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