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Employer Branding, Recruiting & Retention

  • Brady Hitchcock
  • 03/06/2024
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Employer branding is key to setting your company apart in the crusade for top talent. When most people consider branding, they think of it strictly as a function of the marketing department - logos, imagery, advertising, et cetera. Certainly, branding is intertwined with marketing but it goes deeper than that.


Your brand reflects, affects, and directs your company’s culture, values, and purpose.


Everyone who represents your company in any outward-facing capacity represents your organization, your culture, and your brand. Your image and reputation include the public persona you’d like to embody as well as another side: the reputation you have among employees and prospective employees, rather than customers.


Branding is happening whether you’re trying to make it happen or not. No strategy is still a strategy. It’s just not a good one.


Recently we shared Spectrum’s 2024 Talent Acquisition Trends, including the importance of employer branding, image, and reputation. We realized through our research and experience that when it comes to recruiting and most service-based sectors, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


As technology advances... People are more important than ever.


Artificial Intelligence is King

Everyone knows we’re in the midst of a technological revolution. AI is everywhere and recruiting is no exception. AI is transforming recruitment by automating tasks like resume screening, interview scheduling, and content development. On the bright side, it liberates recruiters for strategic initiatives, helps identify human biases, and fosters fair, inclusive hiring through customized communication and targeted job postings.

BUT... The candidate experience just isn’t the same. The more automation, the less personalization.


Data Analytics is Queen

Technologies driving data analytics are more prominent than ever, and go hand in inhuman hand with AI. Data-driven recruitment is crucial for larger companies. It involves crafting ideal candidate profiles, gauging campaign efficacy, and meticulous applicant data analysis.

BUT... the numbers are only as good as what you do with them. People should always take precedence.

In addition to AI and DA, recruiting software and tech are advancing at incredible rates and automation is sweeping the nation. However, as of the time of this writing, truly personalized communication and human engagement cannot be replicated or replaced. The focus on DEI (including generational diversity) will continue to grow and must be driven by human beings.

And, of course, strong company culture and branding are more critical than ever to attract and retain the best employees.


The Importance of Employer Branding, Image, & Reputation:


In fiercely competitive markets such as manufacturing in Utah, the importance of attracting and retaining the right people cannot be overstated. Beyond finding mutual ground on compensation, companies must offer an appealing mission, vision, and values. When individuals aren’t a cultural fit (for either side), it may look good on paper but it ain’t gonna work out.
Branding is the way organizations present themselves to the public and prospective employees. It must encompass your company's unique narrative and purpose to serve as a magnet for the brightest minds. It's not just logos and ads; it's about telling a story and portraying the exciting challenges, global impact, and growth opportunities your company offers.
Image & Reputation:
Brand image and reputation are shaped by online reviews, media coverage, customer and employee experiences, and many other factors (e.g. scuttlebutt). As such, opinions may vary wildly. Actively managing your business's reputation, especially in areas like safety and ethical practices, is vital to attracting talent.
As younger generations are poised to dominate the workforce, social awareness, cultural sensitivity, reduced environmental impact, and the like are becoming more important. Even if you have super cool branding, it means nothing if you’ve got a bad rap.
Brand Strategy:
A well-defined employer brand, positive image, and strong reputation are the goal. They attract top talent, streamline recruitment, reduce costs, improve engagement, and minimize turnover. Building a successful brand strategy involves defining core values, identifying the target audience, crafting a compelling narrative, being authentic, engaging employees, and adapting based on feedback.
Of course solid aesthetics and advertising help but they’re no match for a PR disaster or general negative noteriety. Again, your real brand reflects, affects, and directs your company’s true culture and cannot be faked.


Where should you start?



Company culture trickles down from the top. Even when they aren’t directly involved in the process, CEOs and other leaders play a crucial role in talent acquisition. Leadership initiatives prioritizing empathy, diversity, and inviting work environments greatly impact talent attraction and retention. Demonstrating humanity, fostering open communication, and ensuring transparency resonates with those seeking meaningful work lives. Advocating for innovation and purpose-driven endeavors enhance the company's appeal.

Recruiting & Candidate Engagement:

Cultivating authentic relationships with personalized communication throughout the recruitment journey, from the initial outreach to post-interview follow-ups. Elevating the candidate experience through valuable interviews, clear communication timelines, and constructive feedback. Maintaining relationships regardless of the immediate outcome is an investment in the future and fosters a positive company reputation.

DEI & Internal Mobility:

Once you have identified, attracted, and attained the right individuals, retention is crucial. A focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Accessibility is both a great strategic move and the right thing to do. Engaging with younger generations, collaborating with academic institutions, showcasing growth opportunities, and facilitating mentorship programs cater to those entering the workforce are key. Identifying and developing high-potential talent internally is crucial and reduces turnover. Embracing remote work taps into a wider talent pool globally.


How does this all relate to manufacturing & engineering?

In manufacturing and engineering, it's more than building things; it's expanding human knowledge, pushing boundaries, and shaping the future. More candidates coming into the workforce are concerned with global impact and ethical implications. These are highly competitive, high-stakes industries so everything is amplified.


How does it all relate to recruiting agencies like Spectrum?

We can help you create, cultivate, and maintain a strong company culture and thereby solid employer branding. Again, it starts with the people and people happen to be our business. We have the widest reach, deepest network, and best connections to find the folks you’re looking for.
If you already know who you’re looking for, let’s talk and get your critical positions filled ASAP. If you’re not sure where, or how to begin, reach out. We’ll give you a free recruiting review, some general advice on your talent acquisition situation, or, when absolutely necessary, a shoulder to virtually cry on.


Please, reach out today.  


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